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Welcome to Dombivli

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welcome to Dombivli - MyCity 
Basic Info :

Latitude : 19. 12'N      Longitude : 73. 6'E
STD Code : 0251.        Railway Station Code : DL         
Pin Codes : (E) 421201 (W) 421202 (MIDC) 421203/4/5/6/7/8      
Taluka : Dombivli    District : Thane   State : Maharashtra
Landline Number digits - 7 
Series : BSNL - 240/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9, 280/2/6/7/8
TATA - 66xxxxx   Reliance - 32xxxxx.
Cellular telecom circle - Mumbai
Landline telecom circle - Kalyan
The city of Dombivli lies approximately 49kms northeast of the economic powerhouse of Mumbai's town area and around 17kms from the last suburb, in Thane district on the Main Central Railway line. Well known as a cultural hub and one of the most literate cities in India, Dombivli is one of the most modern urban centres in Mumbai Metropolitan Region - its history dating back to the 19th century.
City Orientation :
The city is divided into two parts : Dombivli (West) and Dombivli (East). The former is the residential part of the city cornering the Dombivli Creek. Kopar Road Railway Station linking the Central Railway with Vasai Road ( Western Railway ) is located 5 mins from the main station. Dombivli (East) is the more developed part of the city with broad roads, a more commercial outlook and the MIDC Industrial and MIDC Residential Areas. However, the older part of the city is located in the Western side known as Juni Dombivli or Old Dombivli.
Erstwhile, a town of just a few hundreds, Dombivli has grown into a mega-suburb in demographic terms, rivalled only by Ulhasnagar and Thane in the near vicinity. A teeming multitude of cosmopolitan culture has evolved in this city which knows no single liguistic groups - rather a Cultural Melting Pot. Religion too knows no bounds, though Hinduism boasts a clear majority. Religious tolerance and perseverance is the reason why there have been no communal-riots in this city though sister-city KALYAN has been plagued many a times by communal riots.
Demographics :
 With a population of 7,00,000 individuals spread across just 15sq.kms, the density of population of almost 47000/sqkm is overwhelming.
Still the urban conglomeration of Kalyan-Dombivli with a population of 1.20Million  ranks 21st  in India in demographic terms.
With new infrastucture facilities coming up, the looks of this City are bound to change in a few years. The residents hope that the KDMC Sports Complex and the Dombivli Natyagruha which is on its way towards completion would soon provide them with rather chique entertainment facilities.
With new malls coming up in the city, Dombivli is heading for a change - positive for sure !!