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Welcome to Dombivli

Special Dombivli Locals

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There are a total of three stations under operation within Dombivli City Limits.
1. Dombivli Railway Station on Central Railway handles all the local suburban traffic to and from Mumbai to and from Karjat/Kasara. All fast and slow local trains terminating at stations beyond Thane halt at Dombivli.
2. Thakurli Railway Station on Central Railway handles all the local suburban traffic to and from Mumbai/Karjat-Kasara. Only slow trains halt at Thakurli. Thakurli is a suburb of Dombivli situated a km from Dombivli station.
3.Kopar Road(Upper) on Diva-Vasai route of Central Railway handles DMU traffic between Diva and Vasai(WR). It is accessible from the western section of Dombivli, so a auto-rick from Dombivli station would cost Rs.11 to get there.

Dombivli Railway Station
Platform number 3 of Dombivli Rly Stn on Central Railway at 0530 hrs

MUMBAI CST - DOMBIVLI ( Dombivli Locals ONLY )

Origin            Dep. Time         Arr. Time        Status
 CST                           06.12                             07.30                     SLOW
 CST                           06.50                             08.07                     SLOW
 CST                           07.48                             09.05                     SLOW
 CST                           08.24                             09.41                     SLOW
 CST                          10.50                              12.08                     SLOW
 CST                          15.45                              17.04                     SLOW
 CST                          16.03                              17.24                     SLOW
 CST                          17.36                              18.38                     SEMI FAST
 CST                          17.51                              19.10                     SLOW
 CST                          18.10                              19.29                     SLOW
 CST                          18.55                              20.15                     SLOW
 DADAR                     20.22                             21.22                      SLOW
 DADAR                     21.19                             22.20                      SLOW
DOMBIVLI - MUMBAI CST ( Dombivli Locals ONLY )

Destination        Dep Time      Arr Time        Status
MUMBAI  CST                             07.43                         09.03                        SLOW
MUMBAI  CST                             08.18                         09.23                        SEMI FAST
MUMBAI  CST                             09.14                         10.33                        SLOW
DADAR                                        09.56                         10.56                        SLOW 
MUMBAI  CST                             12.18                         13.36                        SLOW
MUMBAI  CST                             17.18                         18.23                        SEMI FAST
MUMBAI  CST                             17.41                         18.44                        SEMI FAST
MUMBAI  CST                             18.53                         20.11                        SLOW
MUMBAI  CST                             19.23                         20.41                        SLOW
MUMBAI  CST                             19.40                         20.58                        SLOW
MUMBAI  CST                              20.27                        21.46                        SLOW
DADAR                                         21.35                        22.34                        SLOW
MUMBAI  CST                              22.30                        23.46                         SLOW                 

Please note that the local trains mentioned above are locals exclusively terminating / originating at Dombivli.
All locals terminating at stations beyond Thane halt at Dombivli.
Statutory Warning
Catching a train in the morning in peak hours at Dombivli is a very serious business and it really requires practice owing to the crowd and rush. Beware !
P.S. Long distance trains do NOT halt at Dombivli, so - to catch them proceed to Kalyan or Thane.
Konkan Railway trains also halt at Diva.