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Welcome to Dombivli

Sightseeing - Local Attractions

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Ganpati Mandir : This is the most famous temple in Dombivli. To reach there, walk straight towards Thakurli on the road parallel to the railway line. You will see the distinctly  red temple after about 5 mins. Else, take a rickshaw.
Swami Ramdas Muth
                             : This is the only 'Muth' in Dombivli city - very popular with the locals. Take a rick and ask for The Muth on 
 Nandivali Road. It should cost around Rs.12/15/25
depending where you catch the rik from.   
Gaon Devi Mandir
                             :  Ayre Road(1), Manpada Road(1)
                                Old Dombivli(1), Reti Bunder(1).
Somwar Bazaar  : These markets are amongst the busiest in the city.
(Monday Markets) With a reputation of being one of the cheapest
 sources of consumer goods, this bazaar attracts  even the other suburbs' crowds. People come for shopping to Dombivli from as far as Titwala &  Vangani.
Khidkali Temple    Though this temple falls in TMC limits, just a few
                                 metres from 'Lodha Heaven', still the temple there is
                                 indeed  popular amongst us.
                                 To reach there catch any KDMC, NMMT or S.T. buses
                                 travelling towards Shil Phata. Alternatively, catch a 
                                 TMC bus from Thane Station.
U T S A V               :  The heart-throb of Dombivli's citizens, this
                                 shopping mela is held on the ground of Dombivli
                                 Gymkhana in the last week of December
                                 lasting upto 9 days before New Years' Eve. Lacs of
                                 people pay a visit to this shopping festival. 
                                 To get there :- either take a KDMC bus and get
                                 down at Asde Gaon bus stop(near gharda circle) ; 
                                 else take a rik ( max Rs.17/- from station-east ). 
BOAT  CRUISE      :   For many, this item is going to be an utter shock.
Yes, there exists a boat cruise on the Dombivli Creek from Reti Bunder in Dombivli West. The fare is Rs.10/- and the cruise carries on for 15-20 minutes. This operates in the evenings so you can enjoy the sunset and the ride.
SHRI MAYURESHWAR MANDIR : One of the latest temples in Dombivli, this temple exudes a feel of its own. For the spiritually inclined, this temple offers a good spectacle of serene and charming surroundings.
To get there, catch a autorick and ask for Nandivali. Just after crossing the Octroi Naka across the 'effluent nala' the temple is located at an approximate distance of 2 minutes. The rick should cost from Rs.11 to Rs.45 depending on where you catch it from.